We have had a busy March this year, we have had mixed fortunes with our animals.
Our cows have started to calf! Yippee! We have had 9 calves so far and all doing well. We will post some pictures of the babies we have had dreckley, gosh they are so cute!

On a sad note we had a cow in calf that had Lysteria and although Shaun And Morgan nursed her for 3 weeks they had to make the decision to end her life and that of the unborn calf.
And our Palamino cutting horse, “Denver” got spooked when we had a lot of wind a couple of weeks ago, and somehow got himself caught on a gate post, he pulled the post out the ground and has a gash about a foot long. No one could get near him except for Shaun, so he put him in the stables and the vet worked on him for 3 hours. Poor lad he was in a sorry state but yet again Shaun has been doing a good job to get him better. It’s a slow process but he is now back in the field, not healed yet but convalescing.

So yes, spring has sprung and like you we are looking forward to some warmer weather.
We are getting ready to sell beef so be ready!!

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