Want to Cow Pool?


 We do bulk discounts under our “Cow-Pool” program. You can purchase portions of an animal that we have raised and we will process it for you.  You can pick these up at our Farmhouse either instantly (over the counter) or place an order (2-4 week delivery period).

Choose from three options:

1/20th Share “Mini Pack”  (£TBC/lb) 
Mini packs weighs 20 – 25 pounds and can fit in an average freezer without undue rearranging. Packs are not identical and on average contain:

1-2 sirloin steaks and/or London Broil
1 rib eye steak & 1 New York strip steak
1 pckg of short ribs & 1-2 pckg of soup bones
1 round roast
1-2 packages of fajita strips/stew meat.
1-2 chuck roasts and/or chuck steaks
3-5 packages of ground beef
1 package of broth bones (opt)
1 package of liver/heart (opt)

1/10th Share “Freezer Pack”  (£TBC/lb)
Freezer packs weigh 40 – 50 lbs and take up the majority of an average household freezer. Packs are not identical and on average contain:

1-2 packages of filet & 3-4 sirloin steaks
2 rib eyes & 2 New York strip steaks
2 packages of short ribs & soup bones
2 round roasts and/or London Broil
3-6 packages of fajita strips/stew meat
2 chuck roasts and/or steaks
2 packages of seasoned beef (at times)
6-8 packages of ground beef
1-2 packages of broth bones (opt)
2 packages of liver/heart (opt)

1/4 Share “Quarter”  (£TBC/lb) 
Quarter cows weigh approximately 100 lbs. and will fill two to three medium sized ice chests. Packs are not identical and on average will contain approximately two to three Freezer Packs.

1/2 Share “Half”  (£TBC/lb) 
Purchasing a half yields significant savings (over £TBC on average). Custom cutting is £TBC per pound, meaning you can discuss cutting options directly with the butcher and get your beef the way you want it. We’ll provide a custom cut sheet showing your options. Approximately 200 lbs.

Full Share “Whole”  (£TBC/lb) 
The largest bulk option and best value! Perfect for large families or to split with friends. Custom cutting is also available for this option, contact us for more details. Approximately 400 lbs.

​Contact us if you have any questions or would like to order! You can also pre-order through our Online Store which arranges pick-up at a market also. Don’t forget, if you would like individual cuts immediately, they are available at a Online Store.

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