Our Story

‘Shaunboy’ is from fishing stock! Yet has had a couple of farms for 50 odd years. Not that there was anytime for farming, fishing was a full time commitment so the land was tenanted out.

In 2014 we moved to Trewarveneth Farm, which we are led to believe means Farm on the hill! Shaunboy started to build a herd of Red Devon cattle (Rubies) I know fish to cattle right? With our friend Morgan with over 30 years of cattle knowledge we started to build our herd.

Shaunboy, like everything, wanted to make the herd not only special but happy and healthy without any kind of enhancing drugs, purely what you see you get! So at anytime you can see our cattle grazing on ‘the mound’ from the bay or up close if you drive by. To say our cows have the best view in West Penwith is an understatement!

We now have over 50 cows with 9 cows born here, with hopefully over 10 calves on their way next month, because Shaunboy has been so successful in the last few years we have expanded and rented land from a family not far from here so there is plenty of room for the growing herd.

With a farm comes other animals, chickens, 2 horses, one Shaunboy brought on so now the black one “Bertie” is a beautiful chilled out boy which has now ,not only been broken in slowly, with the help from “Swifty” a kind and gentle man that loves horses we can now ride “Bertie” and he can pull a cart! The other horse “Denver” is Shaunboy’s boy and he takes him out and about, not sure who makes who look best! Of course never forgetting our farm dog ‘Skipper’ a cross between a Labrador and boxer or the posh word for our mongrel is “Boxerdor” A black 8 stone dog with the biggest heart. Boy we have been very lucky with our chilled animals!

Obviously it is all a huge commitment and no days off!  But the rewards from our animals are all worth it.

If you mind to, please check out our photos and our family blog, because we are a small outfit we will let everyone know when we have meat to sell and it will be our meat not something we have bought in to sell as ours!

Our Cows

Red Devon’s are commonly known as Ruby red or Rubies. Red Devon cattle are an ancient breed primary from the South West Counties, Devon, Somerset, Cornwall and Dorset although you will find them being bred in USA and New Zealand.

They are known for a quiet temperament and a safe and easy to handle, as well as being known for marbled wellgrained meat.

We are lucky enough to have Morgan Marment as head herdsman. With over 40 years of experience of working and raising cows, we owe a lot him for the knowledge he has brought to TREWARVENETH FARM. Not only understanding them but being able to look at an animal and advising Shaun the best way to treat them and understanding the animal itself.
We have learnt to respect our animals and feed them the wholesome way not pumping them full of aditives, steroids.
This is not a race but a way of life!
Shaun has embraced the farm as has our daughter and I. This is a small family concern with the welfare of all our animals a priority. Hence why our meat is not available on a daily basic and is exclusive to anyone that worries about where their meat comes from and what kind of life they have had.

Our People

Of course there is Shaun who has taken to looking after cattle like duck to water. He was meant to do this!

Morgan Marment –
At the age of 12 years old he started to help a farmer which gave him the bug. After school he started working full time on potatoes, broccoli, milking and looking after cows.
At 25 he got his own cows, he stated with 8 calves and started a ‘suckler’ (mother& baby) herd on 8 acres of land. He progressed to 35 cows with 80 acres. Then the dreaded BSC (mad cows to us) came along so Morgan sold them all and started contracting for other farmers doing everything from being a herdsman, to doing all jobs that involve the Land.
With over 40 years experience he has bought everything he has learnt and is now contracted to be Head herdsman for ‘Shaunboys Beef’ as well as a friend to our family.



This year had a lot to live up to - however just as rewarding as before and very well organised. The main advantage of participating for me is having the pleasure of meeting colleagues from across the Group and this year I have now met new friends from PFP Leisure and RMG that will enhance our working relationships. This is truly a great event / great fun - Thank you.


Then there is this great feature - professional customer service that I learned is always there. My issue was resoved in just a few simple steps, and now I can really enjoy the theme and work on my new projects with no hassle!

My work requires having a professional and appealing website that will also be based on a strong platform. I found everything I needed, plus it's always great to know that no matter what issue you are having, there is always assistance that you can count on.


My work requires having a professional and appealing website that will also be based on a strong platform. I found everything I needed, plus it's always great to know that no matter what issue you are having, there is always assistance that you can count on.

I will be recommending my friends to use these products for every possible website and projects. Thanks a lot!

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